Our Mission

Creating Peace of Mind

At Propel, the number one priority is always our clients. Technology was created to make life easier, not create stress and frustration – this is how it should always be.

We have made it our mission to help growth-minded business owners overcome the challenges and frustrations of running and protecting their business in a highly digital world – keeping their business and clients safe, maximizing efficiency, providing stellar customer experiences, and focusing on what they do best with peace of mind.


Our Core Values

Focus on People

We treat our clients with the respect they deserve because we understand that this isn’t just about a business transaction – it’s  about relationships. Clients are our number one responsibility and we always do what is best for each individual business. We focus on people instead of tech and the results are always inspiring.

Embrace Change

Nothing stays the same and that is ok. It’s why we embrace change and always encourage our clients to do likewise. In the world of technology, innovation is the fuel that makes it all run. Although it can be intimidating, change is good. It’s all about keeping our clients vision and goals in mind as we embrace change and adapt to new ways to achieve growth and success.

Pursue Growth & Learning

The focus is on making progress and moving forward. We grow as individuals, as a team and we help our clients grow.  Technology is always changing and we are here to provide the support needed to keep our clients on the cutting edge. We constantly look for new ways to become better at what we do so our clients can become better at what they do.

Go Above & Beyond

Go above and beyond to deliver incredible experiences at every turn. We take pride in what we do as do each and every one of our clients.  Through all interactions between our team and our clients, and between our clients and their clients – incredible experiences are always the goal.

Why Choose Us.

Our Managed Cybersecurity & IT Services is more than just IT support – it’s about becoming your strategic technology success partner.  We will take care of everything technology related and guide your business through our Proven Framework™ to evaluate your needs, help your staff and maximize your time and efficiency.

At our core, we are security focused and take our own security and our clients security seriously.  We work with those who are frustrated with keeping their business running smoothly and safe.

It’s what we do and we do it well.  The Propel team will assess technology-related challenges, opportunities and strengths and help growth-minded practices maximize efficiency, time and profitability – creating a roadmap to success.

Propel Technology Solutions

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Expert Cybersecurity & IT Services in Newfoundland.

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How We Help

By improving your daily operations.
By increasing your level of compliance.
By increasing your efficiency.
By protecting your business data.
By helping your team get more from IT.

What We Do

IT Support & Consultancy
Graphic & Video Design
Cybersecurity & Compliance
Business Phone Systems
Security Camera Systems
Networking Infrastructure
Automation & Workflows
Training & Best Practices
Policies & Procedures