The Proven Framework™

Total Transparency From the Beginning.  

We want you to know what to expect when working with Propel Technology Solutions, right from day one.  Nothing to hide here.  We take each of our clients through this process to ensure a great onboarding experience and continued digital transformation and growth.

Step 1: The Mindset

A simple call with powerful results. We learn about your business so we can work out whether we can help you or whether we can point you in the right direction to solve your pain.

Step 2: The Vision

We learn everything we need to know about your business and your I.T. Infrastructure to help define goals, challenges and opportunities. We show how our process builds towards your vision, how we are unique, and what our role is as your Technology Success Partner.

Step 3: The Intake

The process we’ve perfected to onboard you and your team into working with us. We gather information about your tech environment to give us the big picture of how your current IT impacts every aspect of your business.

Step 4: The System

We install best-in-class monitoring and management tools to increase security and performance and automate critical processes. We maintain and manage all your I.T. Infrastructure to keep systems running and in tip-top shape so everyone has fast, secure & reliable technology access.

Step 5: The Team

We begin to support your team as your new Technology Success Partner, replacing your previous IT personnel. Our friendly, skilled and professional team are here for you 24/7.

Step 6: The Standard

We make sure all technology processes are personalized for your business and standardized to help you better use and leverage your I.T. Infrastructure to drive profits.

Step 7: The Alignment

We assess your IT environment to report on any areas that are out of alignment in our Technology Business Review. We meet with you on a regular basis and dive into things like I.T. Budgets, Risk Planning, and Upcoming Projects.

Step 8: The Reduction

Reducing your risk is our top prioity, so we review your top security and stability issues reveald in the TBR report. We then develop a clear action plan to address these important issues.

Step 9: The Navigator

Using our Vision Builder and TBR Reports, we assess and review recent accomplishments and set new priorities for the next quarter.

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